2011 Anime Minicon Art Contest Winners

The winners of the 2011 Anime Minicon art contest have been selected and notified!  There were 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners for each age category: 10-12, 13-15, 16-18.  Check out these outstanding pieces on display in the lobby at the Hardesty Regional Library through the month of November. 

11/4/11 - NOTE: The winners were announced at the Anime Minicon on October 29 and received these prizes provided by the Hardesty Family Foundation:

1st Place: $25 Ziegler's gift card, a copy of Level Up, sketchbook & drawing pen set

2nd Place: $25 Ziegler's gift card, a copy of Level Up & sketchbook

3rd Place: $25 Ziegler's gift card & a copy of Level Up  


 SARAH LEE – 1st Place 10-12

(12 years old)

An elven musician dancing with other elves under the moon. Drawn with pencil then colored with colored pencils.

1st 10-12



TAYLOR BRIDGEMAN – 2nd Place 10-12

(12 years old)

Sanji is from a popular manga called One Piece.  He is the cook of Luffy’s pirate crew & he is also the fast-footed crew member.

2nd 10-12


JESSICA FROST – 3rd Place 10-12

(12 years old)

A collage of Max from Maximum Ride.

3rd 10-12



LINDSAY DOLLAR – 1st Place 13-15

(15 years old)

Teen girl with blue hair and orange eyes – reading a manga book while leaning against a bookcase.  Bookcase background.

1st 13-15


GRACE HAMMONS – 2nd Place 13-15

(15 years old)

Alfia is a mysterious gargoyle who lives perched atop an old English church.  Occasionally she will gather enough magic to transform into a human.

2nd 13-15



BROOKE HEARON – 3rd Place 13-15

(15 years old)

Includes the characters Moritaka Mashiro, Akito Takagi, Miho Azuki, Kaya Miyoshi, Eiji Nizuma, Shinta Fukuda and Akira Hattori from the manga Bakuman.

 3rd 13-15


JACKY SHAN – 1st Place 16-18

(16 years old)

A character I wish to cosplay in the future. She is very outgoing, while I am not.  Drawn from memory using pen, water color & marker.

1st 16-18


RHEANA BOWMAN – 2nd Place 16-18

(18 years old)

Girl in a dress thinking while sitting in a swing.

 2nd 16-18


JESSICA HOWARD – 3rd Place 16-18

(17 years old)

Original character – she is a poor girl cursed by her ancient bloodline to be forever tortured by vampires and other creatures of the night.

3rd 16-18

[NOTE: Artwork descriptions provided by the artists]


Is there any way to view entries that did not win?

With several hundred amazing

With several hundred amazing entries, we are only able to post the winning entries to the website.  Due to space and fairness to all entrants.

love those drawings

these are AWESOME!!!!

What if the arist doesn't win

What if the arist doesn't win will they get their drawings back?

What if the arist doesn't win

According to the art contest entry form:
"YOUR ARTWORK WILL NOT BE RETURNED TO YOU. DO NOT send your only copy or your art work. Keep a copy for yourself."

what if the artist doesn't win

Is there any way to view entries that did not win?

those are amazing!! they all

those are amazing!! they all had my vote

I am so impressed!

I am so impressed!