2017 Young People's Creative Writing Contest Results!


Thank you to everyone who entered this year's Young People's Creative Writing Contest! We had over 400 entries this year to send to our judges -- wow! Below is a full list of winners, and attached at the bottom of this blog post are scanned copies of the winning entries. Winners will be honored in an award ceremony on Friday, May 5, at 7 pm, at the Hardesty Regional Library's Connor's Cove Theatre. All are welcome to attend the ceremony and hear author Laurie Halse Anderson speak about writing, books, and her life as an author. Congratulations to all the winners! 



1st: “Fighting With Creative Writing” by Natalie Hogle

2nd: “I'm Here” by Madison Harris

3rd: “Snow” by Jaden Walderich


1st: “Porcelain Dolls” by Ashton Diggs

2nd: “Moments” by Dominique Kilgore

3rd: “A Quick Lesson on Poems” by Sophia Guy


1st: “Chains of Silence” by Charlotte Suttee

2nd: “Pillow Talk” by Brianna Dunn

3rd: “Dark Olives” by Chris Chaney




1st: “The Chicken Mystery” by Lillian Esther Tiews

2nd: “Catkid Meets Powerman” by Xander Trotter

3rd: “The Rose Thorns” by Emily King


1st: “The Origin of Captain Determiner” by Joshua Acree

2nd: “Nanabozho and the Deer: Why the Deer Has a White Tail” by Ruth Dunn

3rd: “Late Night Drive” by Olivia Clayton


1st: “Michael Dreams of Jazz” by Tom LoVoi

2nd: “Adrienne in Ashes” by Brynn Jones

3rd: “Hold On” by Katherine Bates




1st: “Dream Big: My Soccer Story” by Maclean Meeks

2nd: “How I Caught My Dream” by Brynlee Smith

3rd: “Things That Make Christmas Weird” by Joshua Stevenson


1st: “A Random Relic of the North” by Israel Meyers

2nd: “The America I Believe In” by Elizabeth Price

3rd: “One Choice Will Change Your Life” by Jenna Brunk


1st: “Facts of Life” by Emma Palmer

2nd: “Wires” by Bethany Stevenson

3rd: “My Sister, Elizabeth” by Rebecca Alberty




1st: “The Right Thing” by Natalie Hogle

2nd: “Eager” by Kendal Blevins

3rd: “Camper’s Beware!” by Abby McLean


1st: “Out of the Storm” by Joshua Acree

2nd: “Destruction” by Sara Allen

3rd: “The Children of the Lost Wood” by Aubrey McNiel


1st: “Find Yourself Again” by Stevie Dowler

2nd: “Home Sweet Home” by Charlotte Suttee

3rd: “Itch” by Ashley Morecraft




1st: “The Everglade Escape” by David Meyers

2nd: “Rob and Barry” by Hannah Way

3rd: “Poppy” by Katherine Farell


1st: “The Silhouette” by J. Christopher Flippo

2nd: “I’ll Always Be With You” by Viranda Kwok

3rd: “Bob and Freeman” by Jacob Stevenson


1st: “On Air” by Madison Hines

2nd: “Dissociative” by Emma Palmer

3rd: “Imagination” by Bethany Stevenson

YPCWC 2017 Poetry 10 - 12.pdf632.82 KB
YPCWC 2017 Poetry 13 - 15.pdf884.31 KB
YPCWC 2017 Poetry 16 - 18.pdf940.17 KB
YPCWC 2017 Short Story 10 - 12.pdf2.72 MB
YPCWC 2017 Short Story 13 - 15.pdf3.03 MB
YPCWC 2017 Short Story 16 - 18.pdf4.17 MB
YPCWC 2017 Informal Essay 10 - 12.pdf2.04 MB
YPCWC 2017 Informal Essay 13 - 15.pdf3.65 MB
YPCWC 2017 Informal Essay 16 - 18.pdf2.17 MB
YPCWC 2017 Short Play 10 - 12.pdf2.42 MB
YPCWC 2017 Short Play 13 - 15.pdf4.56 MB
YPCWC 2017 Short Play 16 - 18.pdf4.38 MB
YPCWC 2017 Comix 10 - 12 1st place.pdf1.14 MB
YPCWC 2017 Comix 10 - 12 2nd place.pdf1.06 MB
YPCWC 2017 Comix 10 - 12 3rd place.pdf4.74 MB
YPCWC 2017 Comix 13 - 15 1st place.pdf3.26 MB
YPCWC 2017 Comix 13 - 15 2nd place.pdf3.51 MB
YPCWC 2017 Comix 13 - 15 3rd place.pdf2.09 MB
YPCWC 2017 Comix 16 - 18 1st place.pdf3.89 MB
YPCWC 2017 Comix 16 - 18 2nd place.pdf3.32 MB
YPCWC 2017 Comix 16 - 18 3rd place.pdf1.79 MB