Art & Music

Use this guide to access Local Arts & Music and web resources.  

Find out what, when and how you can use music, or how to copyright your own creations!

Copyright Resources
The library's guide to copyright, patent, and trademark information.

U.S.. Copyright Office
The one and only place, besides the library, to get the forms and instructions to file for copyright.  Also includes a searchable database of registered copyrights.

The Copyright Primer
This site provides an interactive tutorial of basic principles, use and access parameters and requirements for copyright protection.

Legal Information Institute
For those who want a quick link to the actual written law, go to LII, a wonderful resource sponsored by Cornell Law.

When  Works Pass into Public Domain
A nice cheat-sheet for determining if a work has passed into public domain.

Copyright Chart
This is a great chart for all types of work and when a work passes into public domain

These are websites relating to the performance arts, including theater, speech, music, drama and a local theater.

The Costume Page
The Costume Page includes sites featuring the art of performance costuming, for live theater (including drama, dance, opera, sport, and stage performers) and film (motion pictures and television).

National Forensic League
National Forensic League promotes interscholastic debate, oratory, public speaking, and interpretation of literature by encouraging a spirit of fellowship and by conferring upon deserving candidates a worthy badge of distinction.

NPR Performing Arts
National Public Radio show hosted by Terry Gross of Philadelphia has searchable audio archives. Includes a number of interviews with actors. 

The Oklahoma Community Theater Association
The Oklahoma Community Theater Association supporting local Oklahoma communities with programming, events, publications and activities.  Check out the 'Theater Calendar' for local classes and theater opportunities in Tulsa County.

Performing Arts Encyclopedia
A guide to the performing arts collections and exhibitions at the Library of Congress.

Clark Theater
Clark Theater has been producing theater by and for young people for almost 27 years. All shows are performed by youth from ages 10 to 18. Clark is a part of the Tulsa Parks and Recreation Department.  The youth of Tulsa and surrounding areas are able to learn several different aspects of theater at Clark with classes in lighting, sound acting, and much more 
ART - Web Sites

ArtLex Art Dictionary
Glossary of terms used in discussing art.  Includes images, quotations, pronunciation guide and more.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
In formation since 1870, the Metropolitan Museum's collection now contains more than two million works of art from all points of the compass, ancient through modern times. About 6,500 objects—highlights from each of the Museum's curatorial departments as well as the entire Department of European Paintings and the entire Department of American Paintings and Sculpture—can be accessed online.

 National Arts and Education Network
A program from the Kenney Center for Performing Arts, this site offers student as well as teaching materials for the creative use of technology to integrate the arts with other academic fields. 

 National Museum of American Art Smithsonian
Another  remarkable  Smithsonian Institution site, which celebrates the extraordinary creativity of America’s artists, whose works are windows on the American Experience.

National Museum of Women in the Arts
The National Museum of Women in the Arts, the only museum in the world dedicated  exclusively  to recognizing the contributions of women artists.

Smithsonian  Museums   
Smithsonian Institution, the world's largest museum complex and research organization composed of 16 museums and the National Zoo in the Washington, D.C.., metropolitan area, and 2 museums in New York City.  

MUSIC - Web Sites

All About Jazz
Defines jazz and tells its history and gives advice on building a jazz library.

All Music Guide
This is a wonderful resource for introductory essays to music genres as well as artist biographies and album reviews.
An interactive website with music theory tutorials for students and teachers.  Lesson topics include:  staff, clef, and ledger lines, note duration, measure and time signatures, rest duration, dots and ties, simple and compound meter, odd meter, steps and accidentals and more.

Pronouncing Dictionary of Music and Musicians
Spells out the pronunciation of musical terms, works, arias, instruments, composers, etc.

Songs in Public Domain
Lists of songs in the public domain

Who Represents
Find out who is the agent for whom and vice versa at this site.