2015 Young People's Creative Writing Contest Results!

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Thank you to everyone that entered this year's Young People's Creative Writing Contest! We had over 600 entries this year -- wow! Below is a full list of winners, and attached are scanned copies of the winning entries. Winners will be honored in an award ceremony on Friday, August 28, 7 pm, at the Hardesty Regional Library's Connor's Cove Theatre. All are welcome to attend the ceremony and hear author Sharon Draper speak about writing, books, and her life as an author. Congratulations to all the winners! 

POETRY 10-12

1st Place: “I Ride” by RuthAnne Dunn

2nd Place: “I Like To Think That’s True” by Anderson Acebo

3rd Place:“America, Land of…” by Savannah Dudley

POETRY 13-15

1st Place:“Freedom” by Marta Almazovaite

2nd Place: “Sing” by Elena Sales

3rd Place: “I Was Raised By…” by Asusena Castillo

POETRY 16-18

1st Place: “disassembly” by Liam Carey

2nd Place: “Personal Faith” by Declan Kiely

3rd Place: “Sirens” by Virginia Spoo


1st Place: “Just a Game” by Emma Jones

2nd Place: “Stuck Between the Pages” by Abigail Hills

3rd Place: “A Thorn in the Forest” by Sandra Alrifai


1st Place: “Other” by Jaya Chakka

2nd Place: “This is America” by Marisol Delmgh

3rd Place: “Rubber Ducks” by Jordan Brunk


1st Place: “Nineteen Stars” by Sonali Gattani

2nd Place: “Airport” by Rachel Stevenson

3rd Place: “Apprentice” by Anthony Graves


1st Place: “The Renaissance Fair” by Ashley Holland

2nd Place:“My Country Home” by David Farell

3rd Place: “My Dad, My Hero” by Jonathan Coriell


1st Place: “Blue Hole Park” by Jada Ogadah

2nd Place: “My New Companions” by Marta Almazovaite

3rd Place: “Outlaw Run” by Charity Farell


1st Place: “Dad and I and Boris Karloff” by Virginia Spoo

2nd Place: “A Day of Continual Movement” by Maureen Haynes

3rd Place: “Lessons and Preparations for Fall” by Christopher Farell


1st Place: “Taken Away” by Laurel Martich

2nd Place: “Itch!” by Natalie Hogle

3rd Place:“Three Stories, One Truth” by Joshua Acree


1st Place: “Stalker” by Avery Videll

2nd Place: “Today is Different” by Jordan Brunk

3rd Place: “Waking Nightmare” by Kathryn Klepacz


1st Place: “Writer’s Block” by Rachel Stevenson

2nd Place: “The Collectors” by Jack Allen

3rd Place: “The Body” by Timothy Silva

COMIX 10-12

1st Place: “Lula’s Day at Home” by Makenna Smoliak

2nd Place: “Overboard” by Katherine Farell

3rd Place: “Kitten Goes Exploring” by RuthAnne Dunn

COMIX 13-15

1st Place:“Rapunzel Cuts Loose” by Charity Farell

2nd Place:“Sally Saves a Cow” by Jordan Brunk

3rd Place: Not awarded

COMIX 16-18

1st Place:“Language of the Flowers” by Sophie Spoo

2nd Place:“Miasma” by Virginia Spoo

3rd Place:“Duck Tape Dominator: Fixing Your Sticky Situations” by Kelsie Dorrough

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SS 10 to 12 1ST.pdf167.34 KB
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SS 16 to 18 1ST.pdf79.27 KB
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PL 13 to 15 1ST.pdf148.51 KB
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CO 10 to 12 1ST.pdf177.61 KB
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CO 13 to 15 1ST.pdf1.23 MB
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