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Across the Universe


Average teenager Amy was cryogenically frozen and placed aboard a spaceship set on a course for a new home planet. Elder was born on the ship and is the next in line to lead. When Amy wakes up years earlier than anticipated, she changes everything Elder thought he knew about his home, the ship Godspeed. Sinister secrets are revealed.

This first installment in a sci-fi dystopian trilogy is on the 2014 Sequoyah Award High School Masterlist!


Character Costume Contest


Come to Charles Page on Halloween (October 31st) from 4:00-5:30 for a scary good time. Dress up as your favorite character from a book. The 3 best costumes win gift cards to Barnes & Noble to buy more books! We'll have plenty of candy to go around!

Zombie Party


Hey CP teens! Feeling like you're falling apart? Unable to think of anything but eating brains? Come to Charles Page Library on Thursday, October 4th at 4:00 and you'll fit right in! We're having a zombie party with zombie makeovers, apocalypse survival strategies, lots and lots of zombie books, movies, and audiobooks to check out and brain cake to eat!


Game Time at Charles Page Thursdays 3/15 and 3/29


Come celebrate Teen Tech Month at Charles Page with one of the most exciting technologies ever developed: video games! We'll have wii games and the PS3 set up in the meeting room from 4-6 Thursday, March 15 and Thursday, March 29. And come by to check out our video game and obsolete technology display (still a work in progress).


duct tape wallet

Hey Charles Page teens! Come in to Charles Page Library this Wednesday, December 14th for duct tape fun and free food! We'll be making wallets, flip-flops, and anything you can imagine with duct tape. We'll also be discussing future programs, so bring some ideas. Starts at 4:00.

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