Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour

Everything Leads to YouAt a preview for a Hollywood Legend's estate sale, Emi (a set design intern on a big budget film) and her friend Charlotte each pick out one small thing to purchase for themselves outside of the many pieces picked up for the movie they're working on. Emi picks out a belt buckle to gift to her brother, a huge fan of the legend, and Charlotte picks out an old Patsy Cline album. The girls never would have guessed those two items would lead them on a Hollywood film-worthy hunt for answers, but when they discover an aged letter tucked inside the Patsy Cline album, that's exactly what happens. As the mysteries of legend Clyde Jones' life unravel before them, Emi discovers that sometimes the vision you have for things doesn't work the way you want it to-- and sometimes, it works even better.

With a style that fans of John Green will relate to, Nina LaCour has proven she's a talented writer and fully capable of handling popular YA cliches and topics in a way that feels fresh and relatable. 

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