The Girl of Fire and Awesome

The Girl of Fire and Thorns


Best book ever? OF COURSE IT IS!!!!!!! Okay, maybe not. I'm not entirely objective right now, having just finished the glorious prose that is Rae Carson's debut novel, The Girl of Fire and Thorns, but I will commit to saying that it's easily one of the most interesting, rewarding books I've read this year and last. Plus, it's a 2014 Sequoyah nominee!

A totally relatable, very human heroine who grows into her heroism, Elisa struggles in this book to overcome numerous treacherous obstacles: grief, war, political intrigue, an eating disorder, religious schisms, a centuries-old mystery, and others' expectations of who she should be as a member of royalty and a bearer of a Godstone. She responds, as any young princess might, by creating the Malficio, fomenting a guerilla war on her enemies, and outmaneuvering her opponents. But at what cost?

I didn't just love this book for the adventure, the fantasy, and the coming-of-age story. I also loved it for its setting and language, which are beautiful and richly imagined. I was sorry to leave Joya d'Arena, Orovalle, and the jungle and desert in this book. Luckily for me, this is a trilogy, and I have the second book waiting on my desk. Unfortunately, the third book doesn't come out until August 27th!!!

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