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      Daughter of the Pirate King             Daughter of the Siren Queen


Levenseller's debut novel is a high-seas tale of a powerful female pirate on a mission set forth by her ruthless father. Alosa, a pirate princess, is the captain of her own ship with a mostly female crew. She is tough and clever and has a hidden secret that allows her to subdue the strongest of men. Her crew's mission is to track down an age-old piece of a legendary treasure map. Alosa's father, the Pirate King, is in possession of one-third of the map, and he sends Alosa to retrieve another part from a rival, Captain Draxen. In order to be taken aboard Draxen's ship, Alosa stages her own capture. Draxen, of course, believes that he has the upper hand and sends a ransom message to the king. Alosa is put under the watchful eye of Draxen's brother, Riden, who interrogates the princess. She is determined to discover the hiding place of the map, and she must conceal her true purpose and use clever tricks to escape her cell in order to search the ship. Finally, frustrated by her failure to locate the map, she turns to her secret power to enchant with song. With many plot turns and emotional bonds forming between Alosa and Riden, the search leads to an interesting twist. Levenseller has created a formidable female character who can take care of herself as she makes some hard decisions. —Erin Olsen, The Brearley School, NY --Erin Olsen (Reviewed 12/01/2016) (School Library Journal, vol 62, issue 12, p121). In the sequel the author has yet again captured the adventure, romance, and ruthless ways of the high seas in this sequel to Daughter of the Pirate King. It picks up with the story of Alosa, a half-siren, half-human princess who is captain of the Ava-lee, a ship with an almost all-women crew. The group is a hardened lot made up of top-notch fighters. It's also a very tight-knit family. Alosa has finally recovered the last piece of an ancient map that will lead her father to the ultimate treasure. When she and her crew reach her father's keep, they discover that Alosa's mother, a siren, has been held captive by her father for 18 years. Alosa was always told that her mother abandoned her. In order to free her mother, Alosa knows she will have to face her father and his fleet of 20-plus pirate ships. The book's main focus is the upcoming showdown between the betrayed daughter and her legendary cruel father. Threaded throughout is a secondary story line about the budding romance between Riden and Alosa. The protagonist refuses to give into her feelings until she realizes that Riden is the only one who can help her control her siren side. This fast-moving adventure with strong female characters would be great for those who love a good pirate story, a touch of romance, and action-packed sword fighting. -Erin Olsen, The Brearley School, New York City --Erin Olsen (Reviewed 01/01/2018) (School Library Journal, vol 64, issue 1, p81).