Lucky Few by Kathryn Ormsbee

This is real, realistic fiction that is.  A contemporary story of friendship told with dry wit and at times, pessimism. Lucky Few has romance, homeschooling, activism, death, diabetes and friendship all rolled up into a quirky story.  Stevie, the heroine starts out explaining to the reader all the different types of homeschooler families, much like book genres’ from scifi to mystery; her genres’ include - the granolas, the normals, the blue jumpers and the last chance charlies.  This book gives license to the fact that “fitting in is overrated.”  Into Stevie and her bestie, Sanger’s world, steps Max. He is not an outsider for long, oh no.  Max needs help documenting his “23 ways to fake my death without dying.”  And his new companions are along for the outrageous ride, taking pictures, calling the shots and crafting his obsession. Friendship, romance and reality round out this coming of age story.