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There are lots of things I haven't read. I haven't read any westerns. I haven't read a whole lot of romance or cyberpunk novels, or many classics. I haven't read many comics, and I don't know much about World War II. But the great thing about having a library card is that I can go check that stuff out at any time! Lately, I've been checking out a lot of manga. I am very new to this form of storytelling, so I've just been reading whatever manga titles come through my library (some of which are pictured above). But I am sure that lots of you know a whole lot more about manga than I do, so help me find some great titles by commenting on this post with some stuff to check out. We have a very diverse offering of titles at the Tulsa Libraries, and that includes manga. We also have some discussion groups and clubs devoted to manga, like Broken Arrow's Read or Die Manga/Anime Club, and Martin Library's Manga Ai! Club. We even have an Asian-American Festival every year! 

So tell me: what else should I read/know about?