Save the Date! Zombie Prom featuring bestselling author Carrie Ryan

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Zombies love prom almost as much as brains! Help us celebrate Teen Read Month with a zombie costume and walk-off contest, an apocalypse survival box challenge, zombie peg doll crafts, and a zombie prom photo station! New York Times bestselling author Carrie Ryan, of zombie series The Forest of Hands and Teeth, will be on hand to dish about zombies, writing and her novels. A book signing will follow.  The Friends of the Peggy Helmerich Library and Tulsa Library Trust have generously sponsored this event. Event Timeline.


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do u like this so far:

do u like this so far:

I have a confession to make: My like is not nearly as glamorous as it might seem. Or as eeasy.
If I say "I'm a sixteen-year-old girl who gets to run her soap opera on network TV," it should mean big partys, great shoes,famous friends, and cash coming out of fountins. The reality? TV seems a whole lot whan you're up at the crack of making it. Famous doesnt look so sexy at 6 a.m.
Do you know what the world record for thinking i have know idea what im doing is? I think it's two million times in a single day. Which was pretty typacal day for me as my show, Likely Story, came to life. My skin tone had turned mortician-ready from all the time I spent untanning under flourecent lights. Southern California living usually allows for plenty of sun; it gives the city populace its opulate glow. but the only color I had came from the seqoia-worthy rings under my eyes. I should have been able to deal with it. After all, i'd grown up on a soap opera set, the doughter of a daytime star. But it's one thing to be the little girl making lipstick drawings on the makeup tabe while her mother is twenty feet away slapping a nun for stealing her husband.

Thats it so far.
Anonymis. 8-25-12

Where is the Zombie prom at??

Where is the Zombie prom at??

It is at the Peggy Helmerich

It is at the Peggy Helmerich Library 5131 E. 91st St. Tulsa, OK 74137.

never give up on what you

never give up on what you believe in.