Teen Read Month - October 2012

Teen Read Month 2012 Blog - Events, Booklists, ZOMBIES and More!

Teen Read Month is a nationwide celebration of reading for the fun of it. Not reading for school or work or family - but for yourself because you want to. Research shows that recreational reading helps you do better in school and at work. It also lets you explore your world in a whole new way. The 2012 Teen Read Month theme is It Came From the Library...and the Tulsa City-County Library is celebrating with over 30 free events, book recommendations, activities and a ZOMBIE PROM. Don't miss the fun!

hey , Can we start a

hey ,

Can we start a coversation on this blog ?

_Anonymus_ ?

All blog posts are open for

All blog posts are open for comments. Some discussion can take place in the comments sections among posters on different topics.


okay ????????????

okay ????????????