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Teen Review: The Blue Sword

the blue sword

"This book swept me off into the land of Harry and her friends. The narrative was full of color and spice. I loved it!"

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"The Goddess Test series are worth the read. They have a modern twist on the Greek mythology.  I loved all five books."

To find a copy of The Goddess Inheritance, click here. To find a copy of the first book in the series, The Goddess Test, click here. 

Teen Review: The Outcasts

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"Great read! The characters and dialogue are believable; the pace is just right; and the humour is perfect."

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Inheritance Cycle


The Inheritance Cycle Books One through Three

"I liked this series because it had lots of fighting. I disliked it because a character I liked died. I would strongly recommend this book."

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Maximum Ride Series

The Angel Experiment

"The first book is kind of boring. Most of my friends usually give up after the first one, but if you go to the second one and the third one it gets really interesting and questioning."

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