Pick any type of online calculator you need to do your work, from basic to science to trigonometry!  

Create a Graph
The National Center for Educational Statistics provides this student interactive site for creating various types of graphs, including bar, line, area and pie graphs.

Math and economics resources provide online crosswords, quizzes, and related issues in depth.

Teens and Their Money
The wise-cracking,  yet very wise money advisors of Motley Fool guide teens through money-related issues such as investing, making money, index funds, saving money, and getting started.

Young Investors
This list of online and print resources will help you get started or continue your investing. explains everything from saving properly and opening up an investment account to more complex issues such as monetary policy and evaluating a stock. 

Youngbiz Teens
The teen's guide to business, careers and investing.

Zoey's Room
A safe, online community for middle school girls (age 10-14), which encourages creativity through science, technology, engineering, and math.


Cool Math
Find out how to be a successful math student, play games, and learn about basic math concepts here.

Cool Sites in Math Forum for High School
Fun math websites includes fractals, optical illusions, and other cool applied math principles.

Cool Sites in Math Forum for Middle School
 Fun and interactive games involving applied math concepts.

Gamequarium Interactive Math Games
Games, word games, and flashcards help you learn math concepts and skills.

Math Games:  Surfing the Net with Kids
Games, word games, and flashcards help you learn math concepts and skills.