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Teen Librarian Pleasantly Surprised!

The Diabolic

Let me just first say that S. J. Kincaid has made a fan out of me! I didn’t think for a minute that I would enjoy this book. Once I started it though, I could literally not put it down. The main character Nemesis is the reason I couldn’t stop reading. The story center’s around her because she is a diabolic, she was created to protect a galactic Senator’s daughter, Sidonia. As a diabolic, Nemesis’ main purpose is to bond with her master and to protect her at all cost. Nemesis exhibits a loyalty to Sidonia that helps to give this book a meaningful journey in the story. It is their relationship that the reader comes to cheer on and to see Nemesis succeed in her mission. The story moves forward with the main plot of the young ladies switching places but political intrigue, romance, and evil counterparts stand in Nemesis' way of saving Sidonia. I could not wait to finish it and once I did it made me wish I still had more to read.

Stop into your local library and check out a Sequoyah Masterlist book!

Oklahoma honors the Native American leader Sequoyah, for his unique achievement in creating the Cherokee syllabary. We here at the Tulsa City-County Library system display these books for children and parents to check out, so that the children can vote on them in the spring. These masterlists are created for the children to have a variety of subjects that they can choose from. It is not intended that they read every book, but that they find one or two that appeals to them. 


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