Flesh & Bone


Plunging through the zombie-infested wastelands of what was once America in search of a jet they saw in the sky months earlier, Benny and his companions encounter more danger than they imagined in the form of voracious animals, a death cult and swarms of suspiciously powerful zombies.


And You Thought YOUR Family Was Dysfunctional


The Chaos of Stars

The Chaos of Stars, by Kiersten White

     Have you ever had trouble communicating with your parents? Sometimes, they just don't get it. Well, in Isadora's case, they really don't get it--because Isadora's parents are Osiris and Isis, the two most important deities in the Egyptian pantheon. Her parents, aunts, and uncles may all be gods, but Isadora is mortal, and she can't wait to get out of her house and live her life. After some troubling dreams, Isadora's mother (you know, the goddess Isis) sends her to live with an elder half-brother in San Diego, where she's supposed to spend the summer working at a museum. But the trouble may have followed her from Egypt...

Meet author Ransom Riggs!

Join us for a creepy, strange, eccentric evening with bestselling author, Ransom RiggsMiss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children was THE surprise best seller of 2011 -- an unprecedented mix of YA fantasy & vintage photography that enthralled readers. The second novel, Hollow City, begins in 1940, immediately after the first book ended. 

Mon. January 20, 6:30 pm

Hardesty Regional Library

Doors open at 6 pm

The presentation will be followed by a book signing.

Barnes & Noble will sell copies of both books.

Request a library copy of the first book here, and the second book here

SAL 2014 African American History Month Essay Contest

Students in grades 5-7 are encourgaed to participate in the 2014 African American History Month Essay Contest sponsored by Suburban Acres Library. Theme: "An African American of the 21st Century (2001-Present) is important to me beacause he/she has _______________________." Entry deadline is Wednesday, 02/26/14; for more info. call the library at 918-549-7655.

tad@H meeting Jan. 28

Join teens in our monthly meeting of tad@H (teens actively discuss @ Helmerich) WE will talk about our summer reading programming and books!  Snacks provided by Friends of Helmerich Library!

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