Science & Technology

Black Inventors and Scientists
This webpage is an alphabetical list of inventions with their inventors name and date that the invention was made.

Grzimek's Animals Online
The best reference source for anything about animals, the online version has daily updates and interactive tools.

How Do Computers Work for Grades 9-12
This webpage gives a history of the Internet, the World Wide Web, and computer languages; evaluation criteria for a reliable website; guide for building a webpage; and advice on how to be safe on the Internet.

LiveScience is an original content site focusing on the innovative and intriguing in Science and Technology. The website covers news, views and scientific inquiry with an original, provocative point of view. With articles by respected science journalists and contributors, LiveScience looks at new discoveries, intellectual adventures and the idiosyncrasies of the world that surrounds us.

NetLibrary eBooks – Science Experiments
This eBook collection features books for children on biology, chemistry, earth sciences, astronomy, dinosaurs, oceanography and more!

Science Fair Web Sites
To get an idea for a science fair project or to find out if you idea will work, try this list of websites.

The Ultimate Science Fair Resource
Whether you are a student trying to find an idea for a project , a parent or teacher looking for information on building displays, or for the delight of experimentation you'll find it here.

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair
The Intel ISEF brings together over 1,200 students from 48 states and 40 nations to compete for scholarships, tuition grants, internships, scientific field trips and the grand prize:  a trip to attend the Nobel Prize Ceremonies in Stockholm, Sweden.

LibrarySpot:Science Projects Fair Central
This site has sections for everyone involved in the project: student, teacher and parent.  A wealth of resources for successful science fair projects.

Internet Public Library
The Internet Public Library will guide you to a number of resources to help successfully complete a science experiment.

The Atoms Family
This site injects a lot of fun into some of the basics of chemistry & physics with a bunch of great experiments and projects grouped in horror-movie categories like Frankenstein's Lighting Laboratory.

San Francisco Exploratorium
The Exploratorium, San Francisco's famous science museum, also has one of the first and best websites for science activities.

Web Sites
A site about earth and space science. Includes an interesting section on mythology. Also available in Spanish.
Need information on stars, constellations, the Milky Way? The first thing you need to know is that constellations are not real!
U.S. government source for science information, research and development from varying agencies.