Picturezine has been published!

Teen Writer working hard

This fall, teens at Hardesty participated in a series of creative programs aimed at publishing a 'zine. We are pleased to announce that Picturezine is finished!

An electronic version is attached here, and print copies have been made available to those who participated. Thank you to all who helped make this possible.

Picturezine Needs You!

Here at Hardesty, we've been working hard to put on some creativity programs and generate written and visual art content for Picturezine, our first-ever teen zine! Take a look at the video for info.

Teens: have writing or art you want to share with the world? ... on Twitpic

Teen Lounge November Art Project: Paper Sculpture


This month we will be putting the pencils aside and grabbing the scissors and paper.  Using a variety of paper and cardstock we will examine and create various images and compostions using only paper. This isnt scrapbooking..Its fine Art!!

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