So? you've read the Hunger Games trilogy?

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Across the Universe


Average teenager Amy was cryogenically frozen and placed aboard a spaceship set on a course for a new home planet. Elder was born on the ship and is the next in line to lead. When Amy wakes up years earlier than anticipated, she changes everything Elder thought he knew about his home, the ship Godspeed. Sinister secrets are revealed.

This first installment in a sci-fi dystopian trilogy is on the 2014 Sequoyah Award High School Masterlist!


I Am Number Four, reviewed by Katrina

I loved this book because it was suspenseful! 4 out of 5 stars.

To request Pittacus Lore's book, or to see which libraries have it in stock, please click here.

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

DeliriumThe premise of Delirium intrigued me from the beginning.  The idea of love and other emotions as part of a mental illness or human weakness had been well played out in classic dystopian literature and film, but I was interested in Oliver's take on the subject. It proved to be worth my time.

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