The Underland Chronicles

Gregor the Overlander

"The Underland series is a dramatic series that leaves you hanging at every page! It was action-packed. It is about a family, Gregor, Boots, Lizzie, Mom and Dad. Gregor is doing laundry when Boots falls, Gregor jumps after her, falling, falling, falling, and falling. He lands near Regalia and gets caught up with prophecy. The end is horrible in my opinion. Other than that it is one of the best series of books I have read."

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Shadowfell, the first in a new trilogy from Juliet Marillier, was a fascinating & satisfying read. Set in the medieval fantasy land of Alban, this dystopia follows Neryn as she tries to evade the king’s guards, called Enforcers. She’s especially dangerous to know/help, even more so than other fugitives, because she can see and converse with the fey (Red Cap, pookie, brollachan, urisk, naiad, etc.), a crime punishable by torture and death.

If You Liked “The Hunger Games”… an Awesome List from the Lawrence Public Library

The Lawrence Public Library has created an awesome book chart for fans of "The Hunger Games". It recommends what you should try next, if you are looking for a new exciting read. Click the image above to view the entire list and blog entry. 


Terrier, reviewed by Brianna

Terrier is in a medieval setting.  It is a mystery and sci-fi about a girl who can do things that others can't.  5 out of 5 stars! 

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The Throne of Fire, reviewed by Mikael

For the second book in its series, this novel is extraordinary. Teens Carter and Sadie Kane fight to save the world from Apophis, the God of Chaos, by raising their old king Ra, the Sun God.

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