2017 Young People's Creative Writing Contest Results!


Thank you to everyone who entered this year's Young People's Creative Writing Contest! We had over 400 entries this year to send to our judges -- wow! Below is a full list of winners, and attached at the bottom of this blog post are scanned copies of the winning entries. Winners will be honored in an award ceremony on Friday, May 5, at 7 pm, at the Hardesty Regional Library's Connor's Cove Theatre. All are welcome to attend the ceremony and hear author Laurie Halse Anderson speak about writing, books, and her life as an author. Congratulations to all the winners! 



1st: “Fighting With Creative Writing” by Natalie Hogle

2nd: “I'm Here” by Madison Harris

Teen Review: The Outsiders

"Good book. Very sad :( "

Did you know this book is set in Tulsa? It's a great read, and was also made into an awesome movie, set right here in our city. You can find a copy of the book here, and a copy of the movie here.

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