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Have you checked out our Teen Tumblr? You can ask questions, submit content, and see all the cool things teen librarians are posting- gif reviews of books, reasons why their favorites are the best, and lib gifs (gifs that accurately describe all things library related!). Check out our new theme (complete with handy links) and follow us for library updates and cool content!

Teen Tech Week event - Duck Tape Lounge

 Teens - jOin us next week, Tues. March 11 @ 4:30 PM for DIY Ducktivities!

Need Duck Tape books or ideas ?      http://bit.ly/1g3gXSL

Gaming Day at KW

Hello everyone, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. As some of you know, our gaming day is coming soon. We are very excited because we have our own Nintendo Wii System and our own Xbox 360 Kinect. Many of you might prefer one system over the other, so you decide which one you would like to play or play both. The day will be Monday, November 28 at Kendall Whittier Library from 4-6 pm. We'll see you there.

Bookface Photo Contest


November is bookface month at BA! What is bookface?

Book Face [book feys] n:

When a person obscures or augments any part of their body with a book cover, causing an illusion.

Through the month of November, we are holding a contest for the most creative bookface photo. To enter, use any book to make your own bookface picture (be creative!) Email your picture to ba at tulsalibrary dot org. Anyone who lives in Broken Arrow or has a Tulsa City-County library card can enter.

Any ideas for teen/tween programs at the GP Library???

Hi!  I am looking for some ideas for Teen/Tween programs. We do have the Wii--what additional games would be good to add??? We have some puzzles, so I was thinking of Puzzle Day along with the Wii.  Any crafty ideas???  We've done Origami, and Duct Tape stuff and beading, what else would you all like to do??? 

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